If you plan to visit our beautiful french country or others marvelous european cliffs, we encourage you to purchase an insurance in case of a accident and where mountain rescue will be involve. In case of a hospital sightseeing, this insurance will also cover the cost ;)




The French BASE Association can help you in your safety with a multi sport insurance that covers BASE jumping in France / Europe and Worldwide in option. 


This insurance covers BASE jumping only from natural objects (Paralpinisme). The insurance has a standard price with standard guarantee and others options.

"Basic license". It's just a license and there is no insurance. You must add The Personal insurance to get covered. Price is 64,40€

"The Personal Insurance and Emergency Assistance" guarantee.  This is the basic insurance that cover all european countries. You will be reimbursed for care, research and mountain rescue in case of an accident and will receive a lump sum or repatriation assistance benefits. Price is 20,80 € 

"The Reinforced Personal Accident Insurance" guarantee specifically covers damage to sports equipment. This extended guarantee has been improved to provide an increased lump sum death or permanent disability (40 000 €) benefit. Option price + 38,00 €

Finally, if you live or travel outside the European countries, you must purchase the "Worldwide Extended Coverage". The guarantee covers medical expenses abroad of up to 150 000 €. Option price + 94,00 €


The insurance notice exclude BASE jumping from his coverage. This must be understand as jumping from all other fixed object except cliffs. This insurance cover only jumping from cliffs (EARTH) mentioned as “Paralpinsime" in the insurance notice. 
You must select the Paralpinisme option to be cover for that activity. Option price + 280,00 €

To resume, the Basic License + the Personal Insurance and the Paralpisme option is the minimum to get cover by an insurance for BASE jumping from cliffs in Europe. 

Validity period

The cover is effective from 1st September 2020 through 31 October 2021.
Wishing you nice jumps, sick tracks and on heading openings.
You can fill in the registration form (in french) down under with the help of the translated document at the bottom of this page.