The Hike and Fly is an event bringing together Trail and BASE jumping BASE. The goal is to reach the summit as quickly as possible with a wingsuit and parachute in your backpack. You have to jump to get back to the starting point.

The first edition ends, it is a success at all levels. Thanks to the partners:

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Thank you to all participants who played the game and also to all those for whom help us !
A big thank you to all those who have put their hands in the dough.
And above all a huge thank you to Christophe and Jerome Blanc Gras for their talent, their simplicity, their investment, their kindness and the time given without counting !

Congratulations to DJ: Laulau, Atakoblik, Fred and Kokote rhythm for the evening !
And a huge thank you to Lou Caboens having us borrow his chalet with a view that is breathtaking ...

And thank you all for keeping the site clean.

The results :

1st Julien Millot (FR)
2nd Julien Meyer (CH)
3rd Roch Malnuit (FR)


All photos of the day on this link 
Organisation : Aurélien Chatard

See you next year !